Live: Baudet: ‘A havoc after ten years of Rutte’

This is where debate expert Roderik van Zwitserland pays attention during the General Discussions
Tradition immediately after Budget Day: General Political Reflections. Roderik van Greeks has been analyzing on behalf of the Netherlands Debate Institute since 2008 which politician can call himself the best debater. How does he look?

Prime Minister Rutte: ‘It was a very tough six months, but the energy is undiminished’
On Prinsjesdag, Prime Minister Mark Rutte traditionally receives the written press for a group discussion in the Torentje. Ten critical questions about a cabinet in times of crisis and the call for a new vision.

Cabinet tightens the seat belts: ‘Brace yourself!’
With the unmistakable message that tough times are coming, the cabinet warns the country to brace itself for 2021. That will be the year in which the anesthetic of state aid slowly but surely will get worked out.

How much does your purchasing power change?
Next year we will on average improve slightly in purchasing power. But not all households benefit equally. View with this graphic what you can expect for your income group.

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