Lithuania restricts the transport of Russian goods to Kaliningrad

Lithuanian authorities will significantly reduce the transit of rail freightand from other Russian regions to the Kaliningrad region, said the governor of the Russian province Anton Alikhanov in his channel in the “Telegram”.

Lithuanian Railways has informed the Kaliningrad Railways that from tomorrow at 00 o’clock they will stop the transit from and to the Kaliningrad region of a large list of goods that are subject to European sanctions. banned for import into the EUdo not fall within the scope of the permit, on the basis of which the transit was carried out earlier, “Alikhanov said.

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According to him, according to preliminary estimates, this applies to 40-50% of the entire nomenclature of transit goods. These are loads for construction, cement, metals and other important goods.

The situation will require authorities to launch new ships on the Baltiysk-Ust-Luga ferry line, he noted. And such work is already being done jointly with federal agencies and companies – the Ministry of Transport, Rosmorport, Russian Railways, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others, said Alikhanov.

“We will try to get the right explanations from the European Commission for this situation. We believe that this is a gross violation of the protocols for the accession of the Baltic States to the EU, a violation of the rules of free transit to / from the Kaliningrad region. It was the EU’s duty. This is also a humanitarian issue, attempt to economically suffocate our region. We will ask for a revision of this clarification, “Alikhanov added.

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If the situation does not change and we have to increase the capacity of the ferry line, the regional authorities will ask for subsidies from the federal center, as the costs of transport logistics will increase, he said. We will do everything possible the situation in the region should not worsenand, the governor concluded.

As previously reported, freight and passenger rail transit has so far been carried out in standard mode. The planes fly around Lithuania and the Baltic states in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea.

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