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Lisa Montgomery first woman in 70 years to be federal executi … (Brussels)

The US Justice Department ruled Friday that Lisa Montgomery, who was sentenced to death in 2007 for manslaughter and kidnapping a baby three years earlier, will be executed on December 8, 2020. It has been 1953 since a female federal inmate was actually sentenced to death.

In 2004, Montgomery strangled a pregnant woman in Missouri, cut the baby from the victim’s belly with a kitchen knife and took the baby with him. In 2007 she became convicted to the death penalty, which will be carried out 13 years later. Her attorney, Kelley Henry, pleaded that she takes full responsibility for her actions and that she realizes that she will never leave prison, but that because of her mental state – brain damage caused by frequent blows at a young age – she deserves to stay life. To no avail, the execution is coming. The federal public service justice determined this on Friday. The execution is carried out at the beginning of December and Montgomery is therefore given a lethal injection.

The last woman to be executed by order of the US government was Bonnie Heady in 1953. She was killed in the gas chamber. Two days after Lisa Montgomery, a male inmate will also receive a lethal injection. Brandon Bernard murdered two young ministers along with a few accomplices in 1999. Together they will be the eighth and ninth executions carried out by the federal government this year.

In July, President Donald Trump’s administration amended the protocol, so that only one more deadly drug had to be injected. A judge in Washington found this to be illegal, but the verdict was rejected on appeal.

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