Liquidates short-term loans state administration – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

All the short-term credits that the state administration had were paid in full on May 31 as established by the Financial Discipline Law, and as of today there is not a single credit in force, not even from productive chains, he reported. the head of the Ministry of Finance of the State Government, Arturo Fuentes Vélez.

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Approached by the media, he also pointed out that the long-term loans have been paid as established and recalled that the current administration did not exercise any credit of this type or increase the debt that was inherited.

“We have not increased a single peso to long-term debt, we are going to deliver it even less than we received it, not only in real terms, but also in nominal terms, to 47 billion pesos and we received it at 49 billion pesos. of pesos, “he explained.

The secretary specified that the debt with suppliers is close to a billion pesos, since bills are paid daily and new accounts are received.

He emphasized that it is inaccurate to say that the debt with suppliers is 10 billion pesos.

“That is a mistake, it shows the ignorance of the person who gives that figure, because they go on a report where they talk about other liabilities and other liabilities is not the debt to suppliers,” he said.

“Just to give an example – he added – in that figure there are 5 billion pesos of shares, which is a liability because what we receive from the Federal Ministry of Finance is an advance, and we receive it on the last days of the month, Let’s say on the 28th, we receive it, it is recorded as a liability and on the 5th it is paid, but it does not mean that the suppliers are owed more than 10 billion pesos ”.

He expressed his wish that this lie be stopped, because deputy Colunga said it, and that only reflects ignorance of government accounting, a situation that must be clarified.



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