Liquid Gel Found in Lungs of Covid-19 Patients, Researchers Revealed

Lung conditions of patients infected with the corona virus, see yellow section. (Source: Surgical Theater’s Youtube channel via

KOMPAS.TV – Now researchers have revealed what it really is gel drop found in patients Covid-19 critical or die of respiratory failure.

From the findings made by the University of Umeå, Sweden it finally led researchers to new therapeutic treatments Covid-19 more effective.

“There are already therapies that slow the production of gelling or break down gels via enzymes. Our findings may also explain why cortisone appears to have an effect on Covid-19, “said Urban Hellman, a researcher from the University of Umeå, quoted from

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Reported Eurekalert, Tuesday (6/10/2020), when a Covid-19 patient with a critical condition was scanned or scanned, white patches were seen around the lungs.

In addition, autopsies from some of the Covid-19 patients who died showed the lungs were filled with a clear gel fluid, very similar to the condition of a drowned person’s lungs.

Previously, scientists did not know why there was clear gel fluid in the lungs of Covid-19 patients who were in critical condition or who had died.


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