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Lionel Messi – Inter Miami | David Beckham faced criticism and chose pink for Inter Miami for this reason

From night to morning Inter Miami became one of the most popular teams in the world, but it was not by mere chance but by the arrival of the Lionel Messi to the Florida team in the middle of the year from Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

From the moment in which Messi arrived at Inter, T-shirt sales skyrocketed around the worldespecially those that had the name and number of the Argentine star, even becoming a problem for himself. David Beckhamco-owner of the team, who had to wait several weeks for a new shipment of t-shirts to arrive which I intended to give to a friend.

Now him Pink and black are the favorite colors of fans, shades that are not usually very common in soccer, except for the Italian Palermo, but it was Beckham himself who chose them to be the distinctive feature of the Florida team.

Leo Messi with the complete Inter Miami uniform

Why does Inter Miami play in pink and black?

Despite the voices asking him not to choose pink for his new team, David Beckham was convinced that it was the right color while driving through the streets of Miami and noticed that it was the predominant tone in the city.

“Driving through Miami, (pink) is a very recurring color. ANDat that moment a lot of people said ‘don’t go for pink’. I was the one who said it had to be the main color. In fact, I’m very proud of it. “I’m glad I kept my nerve and did it,” said the former player in an interview with The Times.

According to the publication, the specific name of the color that Inter Miami uses in its starting uniform is Pantone 1895 C.

Leo Messi and David Beckham

Leo Messi y David Beckham


Lionel Messi, a dream that seemed unattainable

But when the adventure of Inter Miamithe arrival of Lionel Messi It seemed something impossible; However, he was the player who David Beckham He set out to reach the team to make it his banner of success.

“From day one, he was the dream player I wanted to bring to Miami. I see him in our uniform, I see him train and play, and I can’t believe we have Lionel Messi in our club,” Beckham said.

With Messi on the team, Inter Miami already managed to win a Leagues Cup and reach the Final of the US Open Cup, which they finally ended up losing to Houston Dynamo, although without the Argentine on the field due to injuries.

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