Lionel Messi all-time best soccer player? (Sports, sports and fitness, soccer)

I want to find out why everyone thinks Messi is the best footballer in the world. When I look at videos of him on Youtube, I have to realize, frighteningly, that there are hardly any highlights from him. I don’t see any special skills in Messi either. He cannot be stopped for the defense because he can always dribble through and they play dizzy with it. Sau can also deliver good passes or templates with this ability. And he can score a lot of goals with such a skill. Well. But is that enough to be called the best player in the world? Where are the ingenious tricks? The unmistakable moves he always pulls? Can he shoot free kicks or corners particularly well? No, he doesn’t have any of that. Take a look at the chronology. Lately, the best player in the world has always had to be able to do special tricks. See Ronaldo with the “stepped over”, Roberto Carlos with his violent shot, Zidane with this dribbling ability, which he demonstrated in the CL final against Leverkusen. Or see also Ronaldinho with the “once-around-the-world trick” and C.Ronaldo who has presented a lot of new tricks in the world of football and has a brilliant free kick. And what does Messi have? ”

And please don’t write that down, I don’t like Ronaldo because he always lets himself down, is an ego player etc … I want correct facts and reasons


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