LinkAja Lays Hundreds of Employees, What’s Up?


PT Fintek Karya Nusantara (Finarya) or LinkAja termination of employment (PHK) to hundreds of employees. This was done because the company’s policies made significant changes in business adjustments.

Head of Corporate Secretary Group LinkAja, Reka Sadewo said LinkAja as a start-up company continues to make business adjustments to ensure healthy, positive and optimal company growth. The impact is a reorganization of Human Resources (HR) or employees.

“In response to this challenge, there will be some significant changes that will be made by LinkAja, especially with regard to the company’s business focus and goals. This will of course also affect several aspects of the company’s operations, one of which is the reorganization of human resources,” said Reka to detik.comTuesday (24/5/2022).

The adjustment of the HR organization is considered to be carried out on the basis of the relevance of the HR function to the current needs and focus of the company’s business.

“Of course, this is crucial to do, to ensure that the company can grow optimally supported by an efficient HR pillar and in accordance with the company’s focus and targets going forward,” he added.

Unfortunately, it is not clear how many LinkAja employees have been laid off. When it was ascertained whether the number reached above 200 people, his party claimed it was far below that.

“The number of reorganized human resources is far below that number,” he said.

Regarding severance pay, said Reka, the plan will follow and comply with the rules and regulations outlined by the government and adhere to the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

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“All plans that are carried out must carefully consider the interests of all company stakeholders, including employees. The company also provides various supports as much as possible to be able to get through the transition period,” he said.

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