With “Our Solidarity Futures”, SF gives us news of our common future

After two books on work and health, a collection of science fiction short stories looks at the solidarity of tomorrow. “You have to dream your future”, plead the journalist Ariel Kyrou and the publisher Mathias Echenay, at the origin of these projects.

How to live together? What does it mean to include the other? What meaning should be given to mutual aid at a time of climate change? Is insecurity really inevitable? The journalist Ariel Kyrou directed, at ActuSF and under the aegis of the Laboratory of Solidarity of the Cognacq-Jay Foundation, the collection Our future solidarity : fourteen science fiction short stories addressing what the solidarity of the future could be. The project evokes two other comparable ones, published in recent years by La Volte editions, and also offering science fiction authors the possibility of answering today’s questions through foresight: At the assets ball: work tomorrow (2017) et Save who can: health tomorrow (2020). Is the future the best way to understand the present? Response from the two master builders of these anthologies.

Ariel Kyrou, coordinator of “Our Solidarity Futures”: “Being satisfied with our reality is a fundamental error”

“The values ​​of our society are fraying and they no longer allow us to dream of a society and to respond to climate and solidarity issues. However, you have to dream your future. The dream is not separated from reality. We often seem to be told that reality is only autofiction, and to condemn us to a single type of society: competitiveness, growth, etc. But being satisfied with our reality is a fundamental error. If reason were enough to change the world, it would be known. The imaginary and the real feed off each other. Fiction allows us to understand that there are alternative solutions. Two types of news develop these ideas: some open our eyes by opening up other horizons; the others put in place the possible paths to reach these horizons.

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