‘Lightyear’ or ‘Elvis’? Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro go to the movies and leave their fans doubting | Love 40

Rosalia y Raw Alejandro They are still one of the couples in fashion, and seeing the public appearances they make, it is not surprising why. They are totally in love, and both their red carpets and their dates end up attracting the attention of a large part of their fans. The last one was in the cinema.

Rauwlía has opted for a simple but very entertaining plan: have an afternoon to themselves watching a movie. It is not surprising, since both need a well-deserved rest after a year full of concerts and new releases. Therefore, sitting in front of the big screen was a perfect idea.

At the exit of the room some followers recognized them, and of course they did not miss the opportunity to take a photo with them. And thanks to a fan account that follows in his footsteps, we know what movie they saw… or not?

The tweet confirms that they both saw Lightyear, the new Pixar movie that tells the story of Andy’s favorite toy -with Woody’s permission, of course- and that will compete with Minions for the position of the animated film of the summer. Nevertheless, Rauw had something to say about that.

“We saw another hehe”, wanted to clarify the Puerto Rican. He did not want to specify which one they opted for, but it seems that there was another title on the billboard that caught their attention more than the space commander that has caused so much controversy by a simple kiss. Although that fixed it later.

In his same Twitter account, the singer behind VICE VERSA -which, by the way, has been a year since its launch recently- put another message that made it clear which title they had chosen from all of them. And the truth, you can’t hit them anymore: finally saw Elvis, of Baz Luhrmann.

The musical biopic chronicles the life and career of Elvis Presley, for many considered a musical legend. Their shows and albums are remembered since they were published in the 50s, and seeing the wide musical taste of the couple, I’m sure they have a record among their large collection.

We do not know if they will continue betting on the cinema in subsequent outings, although their fans would certainly be delighted to know. And bearing in mind that the billboard for the summer will be very varied, they will have more than one occasion to go there to eat popcorn.

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