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Lightning: Apple warns of a uniform EU charger

Apple rejects the European Union’s obligation to introduce uniform charging devices for mobile devices. This is hostile to innovation and does not serve environmental protection, the company said and added a study to the reasoning. A possible regulation is a shame “Users in Europe and the economy as a whole“The procedure would affect several hundred million devices and accessories that are equipped with a Lightning interface.

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According to Apple, regulation is unnecessary for a purely practical reason. Finally, there are Apple power supplies that are USB-C compatible. The company actually includes such power supplies on iPhones and the iPad Pro. Depending on the model, there are also cables with USB-C to Lightning connection and USB-C cables.

In 2009, the manufacturers voluntarily agreed on micro-USB as a common charging solution and Apple introduced a micro-USB adapter for Lightning. Since the industry did not want to stop at micro USB, in 2018 USB-C was adopted as a uniform standard – but only for the power supply, and no agreement was reached on the end device.

Apple could also avoid possible regulation if charging was only wireless. There are already reports that Apple could take this step in 2021.

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