“Lifeless” Zavorotnyuk did not help expensive treatment in Israel?

Chernyshev “disappeared”, nothing is heard about Nastya – even Sosedov is not sure of the chances of the actress to live.

In an interview with Sobesednik, Sergey Sosedov shared frightening news about Anastasia Zavorotnyuk’s health. “I personally have not seen Nastya, but they say that she is still in very poor condition. In the mind, the situation is stably difficult ”- a music critic scares fans of the actress. Is it possible that even the expensive treatment in Israel did not help the “lifeless”, as her neighbor called the singer? After all, rumors have been circulating for a long time that Chernyshev took the actress abroad, since in Russia they can no longer help her.

The news that Anastasia and her husband flew to Israel appeared about a month ago. Evidence that this is the case is that Chernyshev now does not appear on the ice and has not even “flickered” in the stories of Tatyana Navka. An account in support of Anastasia is also not maintained, there was a frightening calm. Moreover, the media spread rumors that the beautiful “nanny” was expelled from the hospital due to debts.

Chernyshev “disappeared”, nothing is heard about Nastya – the news is extremely frightening and is “hopeless” of them. Even the always optimistic Neighbor is not sure about the chances of the actress to live.

However, at the end of his interview, Sergei still gave fans of the actress hope for her recovery and noted that the condition of the actress was much worse before, now it is stable and the audience’s favorite is conscious.

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