Life after the Exchange: How do Matěj Stropnický and his partner remember her?

Matěj Stropnický’s partner Dan tried out the role of a surrogate mother in a special Exchange of Wives. He took care of six children and it should be noted that he was really successful. “I’d go for it again, but next time I want twelve kids,” Dan jokes. Matěj would also try the exchange again, but with the difference that he would like to try the role of the exchanged one (you can find out more in the video here).

At first glance, the families sat down and this impression lasted even after the Exchange. “In retrospect, we don’t take it as a Wife Exchange at home. We have it that the uncle came, we love them and they already belong to our circle of friends,” says the exchanged wife Martina. In addition, he adds that Dan is one of two people to whom she would entrust her children. You can find the whole video with Martina here, where you will also find out if Martina has improved her lifestyle.

Couples also remained in almost daily contact. “Martina and I write on social networks and Dan is in contact with children again,” Stropnický describes. Dan also promised at the end of the Exchange that he would take the children to the castle and also plans to keep this promise. They should arrive for one week during the summer holidays.

And how do they remember the Exchange experience? “I enjoyed it a lot. It was interesting and different, but even the work was basically a holiday for me,” praises Martina, who became ten days old. chateau lady. “I remember the Exchange very fondly, it was short and I would easily extend it,” says Dan.

There were more touching moments in this work. But one of them was not captured by the cameras. “When I got there, the kids said they liked to read, but they had everything read. So we agreed with the staff that got the kids a box full of books … and I’m crying, I was moved,” Dan recalls.

Bonus videos from life after the Exchange of Wives can be found here. And if you missed this special episode, you can play it on Thursday night at Nova Plus or now on Voyo portal, where another part is waiting for you.

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