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“Let’s try Busan”… Expo venue decision D-7 cheering match

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On the afternoon of the 21st, a week before the announcement of the venue for the 2030 World Expo (Expo), attendees chanted “BUSAN IS READY” at the ‘Starting Ceremony for the Success of Hosting the 2030 Busan World Expo’ held near Seomyeon Intersection in Busanjin-gu, Busan, praying for the Expo to be hosted. I’m doing it. 2023.11.21/News 1

“Let’s try Busan! BUSAN IS READY!”

Around 5:20 pm on the 21st, near Seomyeon Station, Busanjin-gu, Busan. “Let’s shout loudly so that the world can hear,” said Park Jae-yul, chairman of the ‘2030 Busan World Expo (Expo) Citizen Attraction Committee’, standing on a stage set up on a 5-ton truck.

On this day, four civic groups, including Busan City, Busan City Council, and the Pan-Citizen Host Committee, held a ‘Red Ceremony for the Success of Hosting the 2030 Busan Expo’, a week before the announcement of the 2030 Expo host site on the 28th. About 1,000 citizens participated and cheered at the Seomyeon intersection area by waving the Taegeukgi and other signs at cars on their way home from work.

Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-jun, who is in the midst of a last-minute bid to host the Expo in Paris, France, appeared at the launch ceremony via video. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, Mayor Park emphasized, “Paris is also full of Busan waves,” and added, “The 28th will be the brightest day in Busan’s history.” At the launch ceremony on this day, a performance by a children’s cheerleading team was also held.

The ‘Attraction Wish Message Wall’ installed at two exits of Seomyeon Station was filled with cheering phrases such as “I hope the commercial district will be revived by the Expo” and “Expo, Busan is the only answer.” Jeong Soon-deok (62), a resident of Haeundae-gu, Busan, said, “Busan’s economy needs to be boosted by the Expo,” and emphasized, “99.9% of Busan citizens are supporting the hosting.”

An all-out public-private effort is underway in various parts of Busan to host the Expo. Busan City hung placards with the phrase “Dreams come true on November 28” on about 1,000 city streetlights, including the exterior wall of City Hall. The Busan Facilities Corporation is also sending out messages of support for attracting 2030 people, including citizens and celebrities, every day until the 28th on the large media art wall at Busan Station Square. On the 28th, when the host city is announced, a citizen cheering event for the successful bid will be held at the Busan Citizens’ Center from 8:30 p.m. with about 1,000 citizens participating.

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