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Leticia Sabater announces the arrival of ‘Santa Claus, fill my tank’, her new Christmas carol | Music

Depending on where we look, we’ll realize that Christmas begins for each other at different times. In the United States Mariah Carey and her All I Want For Christmas Is You, which has been included in Spotify’s Global Top 200 since the beginning of November and has not stopped climbing since then, are already part of the popular imagination all over the world .where Halloween decorations give way to lights, snow and carols, even though they officially start with Black Friday, which gives way to the Christmas season after Thanksgiving.

In Spain, as in the United States, we also have our authentic Christmas divawhich in recent times has not been satisfied with giving us a single Christmas carol, but instead strives year after year to offer new music to accompany these celebrations: neither more nor less than Letizia Sabater.

Television host, singer, reality television contestant, and general public figure, This multidisciplinary artist knows her audience inside out and knows no bounds when it comes to announcing new projects. El Polvorrón, Trínchame el Pavo, Papa Noel, You’re The Only One and Merry Christmas are the latest hits of the Catalan in terms of Christmas songs, a list that will be completed this year by Santa Claus, fill my tank, whose cover and release date have already been shared on social media.

Santa Claus, fill my tank will arrive on all platforms on Monday, November 28th, proving once again to go against the grain with no fear of releasing music earlier in the week. A particular welcome to the Christmas season announcing thus: “Cover of the new Christmas Carol! SANTA CLAUS FILL ME UP THE TANK!! The Christmas Carol will be released with a Video Clip on YouTube and on all digital platforms iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. , will be Monday 28 November kicking off Christmas”.

Without having yet been able to take a look at her video clip, her cover already reveals what we can expect from this new single, whose aesthetic matches the work done previously: Leticia Sabater becomes an oil tycoon and appears accompanied by two young men in their underwear, helping her as she lays on her Leticar.

A kitschy aesthetic and questionable penchant for graphic design complete a Christmas print which, we’re sure, is the perfect cover letter for a carol that abandons tradition to indulge in sexual references and double readings.

The first reactions were not long in coming and many are celebrating this new movement by the artist at 360° on these very special dates. “The big song is coming” or “THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR HAS FINALLY ARRIVED 😭💓💓” are some of the tweets that his fans wanted to share also through social networks.

Leticia Sabater bans Mariah Carey as a Christmas diva to give us her best version. You are ready?

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