Harga HP Samsung Galaxy 2020, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, A51, A21s, 11, M11, M21, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

JOURNAL TRIP – HP price Samsung Galaxy latest Septembet 2020. The Trip Journal summarizes prices and HP specifications Samsung Galaxy year 2020 to be a reference for those of you who want to replace a smartphone.

Some of them are, Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy A21s, Samsung Galaxy A11, Samsung Galaxy M11, Samsung Galaxy M21, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy M31, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Meanwhile, HP Samsung Galaxy which is much sought after in September 2020 is a Samsung A51, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy A50s.

This price list is adapted from the pricebook site, the results of monitoring cellphone prices at various online stores in Indonesia and offline stores in Jakarta.

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Prices are only for approximate benchmarks because they can vary from region to region and from shop to shop. Prices can also change at any time.

The following is an update on the HP price list Samsung Galaxy latest September 2020:

Samsung Galaxy A21s RAM 3GB ROM 32GB Rp Rp2.490.000
Samsung Galaxy A21s RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Rp Rp 2.535.000

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Samsung Galaxy A21s RAM 6GB ROM 64GB Rp Rp 3.035.000
Samsung Galaxy A11 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB Rp Rp 1.819.000
Samsung Galaxy M11 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB Rp 1.785.000
Samsung Galaxy M21 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Rp Rp 2.679.000

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Samsung Galaxy S20 RAM 8GB ROM 128GB Rp 11.500.000
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra RAM 12GB ROM 128GB Rp 13.840.000
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus RAM 8GB ROM 128GB Rp 10.990.000
Samsung Galaxy M31 128GB Rp. 3,539,999


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