Lentils in the Czech Republic are ending, production is moving to Germany after 114 years

According to him, one of the reasons for this step is the unification of the recipe with the brand of similar chocolate candies Smarties. “In the test, when we gave people to taste both variants of the composition (original and new), we found that they both taste good and are equally acceptable to them,” Kicina explained.

“At the same time, the nutritional profile of the product will be improved – the sugar content will be reduced, the milk and chocolate content will be increased and the use of certified cocoa will be used,” he added.

The second reason is the optimization of production and reduction of maintenance costs of production technologies.

Nestlé expects better capacity utilization at the Hamburg plant. According to Kičina, this is sufficient for the production of these candies for the entire EU.

The Czech plant cannot do this without plastics

“In addition, the plant has the technology of wrapping smarties in paper packaging and will contribute to meeting Nestlé’s commitments to reduce plastic waste without major investments. The packaging of some formats today has plastic parts, “the spokesman added.

It is said that Nestlé does not have technology in the Czech plant that would allow it to replace plastic parts with paper ones.

Employees who are currently involved in the production of smarties in the Czech Republic will be moved by the manufacturer to other production lines in the same factory. In addition, the Czech Sfinx plant in Holešov will continue to be packing the most popular 28-gram variant of smarties.

Lentils were produced in the Czech lands as early as 1907. Nestlé operates the Zora Olomouc and Sfinx Holešov factories in the Czech Republic. Its domestic brands include, for example, Orion, Student Seal, Margot and Kofila.


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