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Lenny Kravitz surprises with a nude photo

For a number of years have rock star Lenny Kravitz (58) leaving fans around the world gasping for air as he seduced them with hit songs from the stage.

But he is not only known for his music. Kravitz has also made a number of headlines for her eclectic and cool style which often includes black leather, bold prints and sunglasses.

And to the delight of many, the 58-year-old isn’t afraid to undress either.

«Heaven on Earth»

Recently, he surprised his more than four million followers with a nude photo on social media.

“New birth”, he has written as the text of the post where he stands naked in the water. The body is covered with several large tattoos.

There is no doubt that the fans greatly appreciate the stunt. At the time of writing, the picture has received well over half a million likes, as well as almost 12,000 comments.

“Who else tried to move the screen to see more??? Good God, this man has been blessed by our lord,” writes one user.

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“Please turn around,” pleads another.

“This picture is amazing. You are the best male model. You are heaven on earth. A masterpiece”, it boasts.

“Yes, throw away all your clothes,” writes another.

“Lord, I thank you,” it also says.

Flause on stage

A few years ago got Swedish audience a little more than they had paid for when Lenny Kravitz held a concert at Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

In the middle of a guitar solo, the rock star’s pants tore and it quickly became known that he was not wearing panties.

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“Lenny Kravitz accidentally exposed his penis during the concert when his leather pants burst. And yes, it was like the whole penis”, wrote Us Weekly that time after talking to eyewitnesses.

After the incident, the artist made the following apology to the audience from the stage.

– Sorry, I ripped my pants.

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