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Leif GW Persson: – An enigma:

Sweden’s undisputed King of Crimea, Leif GW Persson (77), has been seen in numerous programs for several years — both in documentaries and on morning TV.

The criminology professor, who worked for 30 years at the National Police Agency in Sweden, has sold millions of books – which have been translated into more than 30 languages ​​- in his native Sweden, but is also enjoying great success in this country, with several books topping bestseller lists.

Nowadays, he can be seen on Swedish TV4, where he analyzes and talks about the latest crime incidents every week.

There are probably many who feel that he can’t exactly attribute his success to his personality. Persson can appear exceptionally mysterious and scary, which several people have questioned.

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Now, though, it clears up the mystery of why that is.

He does this in an interview with Malou von Siver in the TV4 program “Malou möter”, reproduced by Swedish women’s magazinewhere, among other things, it emerges that it is no mere coincidence that Persson behaves as he does.

– I think I’m a kind and pleasant figure, behind my creepy appearance. I do it mostly to save time, she says, and continues:

– If you sound a little creepy, save yourself some time. Otherwise, people will stop you and talk forever.

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Furthermore, presenter Siver can reveal that the criminologist was not at all stern or sinister when they worked together at the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in the 1980s.

– Although you were an experienced and tough guy, you were fair to those who were younger – like me, he says.

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