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Legal Battle Looms as TikTok Faces Threat of App Ban in US Market

TikTok Prepares Legal Battle Against US Legislation Threatening Ban

TikTok Prepares Legal Battle Against US Legislation Threatening Ban

Roula Khalaf, Editor of a highly respected news website, shares her thoughts on the latest developments in TikTok’s ongoing legal battle.

TikTok Faces Potential Ban in the US

Michael Beckerman, TikTok’s public policy head in the US, made it clear that if the legislation becomes law, the company will not back down. To protect the rights of its 170 million American users, TikTok is prepared to challenge the legislation in court.

Although the bill must still be passed by the US Senate and approved by President Joe Biden, Beckerman emphasized that this is just the beginning of a long process. TikTok is determined to fight for its users’ First Amendment rights.

Legal Strategy and Leadership Changes

Should a court battle arise, ByteDance’s general counsel, Erich Andersen, is likely to step down from his position. Speculations suggest that Andersen’s departure could happen before the legal challenge commences. Andersen’s leave from the company would coincide with the full vesting of his stock pay package, four years after he joined ByteDance from Microsoft.

Recent history shows that TikTok has successfully used US courts to defend against potential bans. Donald Trump’s attempt to ban the app through executive orders was thwarted by the judiciary. Courts blocked the ban’s implementation before President Joe Biden abandoned the legal fight.

The potential removal of Andersen and a series of other executives leaving TikTok after a four-year mark indicate the company’s focus on stabilizing itself before the legal battle.

Impending EU Concerns

In addition to the US struggle, TikTok is now facing concerns from the European Union (EU). The EU executive has given TikTok 48 hours to address issues regarding potential violations of EU law. Regulators are specifically worried about a reward program operated by TikTok’s Lite app in France and Spain. They believe the program, which offers points and vouchers to users, poses mental health risks and potential addiction to children.

Additional reporting by Javier Espinoza in Brussels

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