Learn about the formation of the Clinical Trial Review Committee and its terms of reference

The law governing medical-clinical research provided, before the start of any medical research, the existence of a protocol that was reviewed and approved by the competent institutional committee, provided that its approval was final in cases other than medical-clinical research referred to in the next paragraph.

The law defines the Institutional Committee for the Review of the Ethics of Medical Research (the Institutional Committee): it is a group of people with medical and non-medical specialties, which deals with the revision of research plans (protocols) and the application of the principles ethics to follow in this regard The Supreme Council, and in this law referred to as the Institutional Committee.

While the Supreme Council for the Ethics Review of Clinical Medical Research (the Supreme Council) defined it as the council that is composed of a group of people with medical and non-medical specialties, who are entrusted with the task of defining policies general for conducting medical research and following its implementation, and is referred to in this law as the Supreme Council.

It is worth remembering that the provisions of the law aim to lay the foundations, standards and controls necessary to conduct medical-clinical research and to protect respondents, whether such research is preventive, diagnostic, curative or non-curative, interventional or not. -intrusive.

Such research is required to adhere to the provisions of relevant laws, statutes and regulations and to be consistent with internationally recognized ethical standards and principles. All this is as indicated by the executive regulation of this law.

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