Against Venezuela .. Al-Abyad’s defense is on a difficult mission against the English Premier League star

The Venezuelan national team may not be one of the star-studded South American teams, but it does include some dangerous names that will pose a challenge for our UAE team.

The two teams will compete in a friendly match on Tuesday 27 September in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Everton striker Salomon Randon is one of the most important elements of the Venezuelan national team, especially after having crowned the team’s historic top scorer with 35 international goals.

In addition to physical strength and technical ability, the 33-year-old has accumulated a lot of international experience, especially after playing 90 international matches with the “La Vennotento” shirt.

Joseph Martinez is another element to watch out for in Venezuela’s offensive system, as he himself has international experience.

In midfield, Tomas Rincon represents the safety valve and the captain of La Vinotinto, and is the most representative player of Venezuela on the current list with 119 appearances.

Rincon has a vision of the midfield, which has qualified him to play for the major Italian clubs of his career, such as Juventus, Turin, Genoa and Sampdoria currently.

Venezuela has more than one good defender, led by Nahuel Ferrari, who was signed by Manchester City in 2021 and loaned to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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