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Leaking US oil pipeline dragged tens of meters, possibly by anchor

There is strong evidence that the major oil spill off the coast of Southern California was caused by a ship’s anchor. Researchers from the US state say that part of a pipeline on the seabed was dragged tens of meters and that a large crack has formed in it.

Due to the leak from the pipeline, there has been more than half a million liters of crude oil in the sea. This immediately had major consequences for the environment, especially at the seaside resort of Huntington Beach. The oil has washed up on beaches that may now have to remain closed for weeks. Fishing in the area has also been shut down. Dead birds and fish have washed up on the beaches.

California authorities do not yet know which ship could be responsible for the damage to the pipeline. It is also not yet clear when the leak occurred.

‘Not our future’

The coast guard has been accused of having waited too long to respond to reports about the oil leak. The first reports of the leakage came in on Friday evening, but an investigation was not started until the next morning. According to the coast guard, it was not possible to start earlier due to the lack of daylight.

The affected pipeline is now empty and the oil leakage into the sea has been stopped. California Governor Gavin Newsom reiterated at a news conference that the spill proves to him that it is time to say goodbye to the oil industry: “This is our history, not our future.”

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