Leah Isadora Behn date revealed

On Saturday this weekend, the stage was set for the Le Bal des Débutantes gala event in Paris – where Leah Isadora Behn (17) was one of the selected guests.

Behn was one of only 20 young women from around the world selected for “Le Bal,” which took place at the venerable Shangri-La hotel in the French capital.

According to Se og Hør, the 17-year-old will have been the first Norwegian girl to receive an invitation to the exclusive prom.

“Prom” was born as a social event, and was held for the first time in July 1958. The event is financed by the fashion and perfume houses of Paris.

They are the daughters of Hollywood’s elite, royalty, business moguls and politicians who receive an invitation to prom. Another criterion for being invited must be good looks and intelligence.

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In 1992, the ball was revised and transformed into a fashion event. In 2005, Forbes described prom as one of the ten “hottest” parties.

By his side was Maharaja Lakshraj Singh of Sirmour (18). Maharaja is an Indian princely title which actually means great king, second Great Norwegian encyclopedia.

Lakshraj Singh was mentioned in the media before the ball. Recently, the French magazine Point De Vue gave a portrait interview of the 18-year-old. The magazine is recognized for its coverage of the French upper class.

In the days following the ball, several photos and videos of the two were shared on social media.

In a TikTok videos ka one can, among other things, see Behn and Singh dancing.

KAVALER: Lakshraj Singh is the 18-year-old who danced with Leah Isadora Behn.  Photo: screenshot from Instagram

KAVALER: Lakshraj Singh is the 18-year-old who danced with Leah Isadora Behn. Photo: screenshot from Instagram
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But who is Lakshraj Singh?

Lakshraj hails from the royal family of Jaipur in India. Since the 1971 constitutional amendment, maharajas have had no real power but still live a life of luxury, according to the French website Real Stories. Part of this is due to old, large fortunes and friendships with important people.

His mother Princess Diya Kumari is the daughter of Princess Padmini Devi and Prince and Lieutenant Colonel Bhawani Singh of Jaipur. Kumari has had an excellent political career and is currently a Member of Parliament, second website his.

Kumari married Narendra Singh in 1997. He was employed in her father’s court and the marriage is said to have caused controversy. According to various media outlets, they separated three years ago. However, the couple had a son Padmanabh (24), a daughter Gauravi (22) and a son Lakshraj.

In 2002, Kumari’s father Bhawani chose to adopt his daughter’s firstborn. This made Padmanabh the heir to the throne and when Bhawani later died in 2011, Padmanabh was made the Maharaja of Jaipur. He was then only 13 years old.

Princess Padmini, Lakshraj’s grandmother, bestowed upon him the title of Maharaja of Sirmour in 2013. The title had not been in use since the death of the last Maharaja of Sirmour in 1964.

Padmanabh and Gauravi have already participated in Le Bal des Débutantes. Among other things, Padmanabh was accompanied by Ava Philippe (23), daughter of actors Reese Witherspoon (46) and Ryan Phillippe (48).

Ties to the British royal family

Padmanabh is the youngest millionaire in Inda and second Bollywood shaadis he spends his time playing polo, traveling and studying in New York.

FUTURE PROJECTS: Leah Isadora Behn shares future plans on ‘Powerwomen’. Video: Viaplay/Red Runner.
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It also has a direct connection to the British royal house.

The 24-year-old is a professional polo player who has played for the Indian national team and, in relation to the sport, has shared the field with both Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38).

– The matches I played with Prince William and Prince Harry were friendly. Our families have a wonderful relationship. In fact, Prince Charles is my godfather, the 24-year-old previously said in an interview, according to Bollywoodshaadis.

The reason why Charles who is now king ended up being the godfather is that he has a close friendship with Padmanabh’s grandfather.

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Tiara mystery solved

At the debutante ball, Leah Isadora wore a blush pink gown designed by Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli.

But there was one particular detail about her dress that got a little extra attention.

She wore a tiara for the first time, which no one acknowledged.

There has been a lot of speculation, but the mystery has finally been solved.

– I learned yesterday that it’s common to borrow a tiara from a jeweler at the debut ball, although you may have to own one yourself or have one in the family. Which Leah actually has. It turns out that V MUSE jewelry was the official jeweler of this year’s ball, and the beautiful tiara Leah borrowed is from 1905, she said Se og Hørs expert on the royal house Caroline Vagle on Monday morning.

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