Leader Caloh Wagoh suspected of plotting murder of torture room involved | NOW


The Public Prosecution Service (OM) announced on Monday that the leader of Caloh Wagoh, Delano R., is suspected of preparing the murder of Robin van O. The latter was recently arrested after the discovery of a series of containers including a torture chamber.

According to justice, R. would have prepared plans to liquidate Van O. in the period from February 2017 to February 2018 together with Jermaine B.

The Telegraph recently reported that in 2018, Van O. had been warned by the judiciary that he was on a death list and it was wise to leave abroad. It would be Ridouan T. who killed him.

On 7 July, the police announced that they had a number of containers in a shed in the Brabantse Wouw discovered that would serve as a prison for criminal rivals. One of the containers was full of attributes that can be used to torture.

R. is suspected of taking assassination orders from T. The trial of the former and other members of Caloh Wagoh resumed on Monday with an introductory hearing.

New suspects in liquidation arrested

The Public Prosecution also announced on Monday that new suspects were arrested for the murder of Justin Jap Tjong in January 2017.

These are Ferman D., Guyno O. and Ferrel T. The latter two are convicted for executing the crime murder on Hakim Changachi on January 12, 2017. This case is still on appeal.

Jap Tjong was also involved in this liquidation. The prosecution said at a hearing that encrypted, but legible, messages showed that someone had to be victimized for this mistake.

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