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Le JDM: “The Globalization of Germs and Filth” – Goals of a Borderless World Have Introduced the West to the Brink – 2024-05-24 11:05:23

/ world right this moment information/ If till lately globalization was seen by many on the earth as a assure of a cheerful future for the planet, right this moment it has develop into a menace to it, in line with Le Journal de Montréal observer Denise Bombardier. The ideologues of the free motion of individuals and items couldn’t think about the move of migrants from poor nations to affluent nations or the unfold of germs on a worldwide scale, the creator notes. Nonetheless, in line with the journalist, those that dream of a world with out limits for revenue have right this moment reached the very best justice within the type of an epidemic of coronavirus.

“Do you bear in mind these blessed instances when the abolitionist singers made even probably the most timid vacationers dream?” asks Le Journal de Montréal columnist Denise Bombardier. Because the creator remembers, then all of the inhabitants of the planet felt like brothers who had the chance to journey the world and obtain individuals from everywhere in the world by way of air visitors.

Globalization, the naïve thought, would deliver us nearer collectively. No extra black, white and yellow. Farewell to spiritual and cultural prejudices. Self-centered, protectionist and authoritarian, every in its personal method, nation-states are over “, the creator remembers.

The free motion of products and other people, the motion of manufacturing to nations that had been beforehand thought of to be “undeveloped”, however later renamed to “creating”, the place the minimal wage is three, 4 or 5 instances decrease – these prospects actually made businessmen lose their senses.

It was dreamed that scientific achievements would make medication accessible to all peoples, and wealthy nations would present generosity to deal with sufferers within the poor. “Simply suppose what number of happiness theorists believed this nonsense,” exclaims the journalist.

On the time, wealthy European nations agreed to surrender a few of their sovereignty with a view to undertake a brand new European id, the contours of which had been outlined by “the good technocrats” from Brussels, who “thought of themselves gods” remembers Bombardier. Borders had been abolished in Europe, and few on the left or average proper then might have imagined that Africa and the Center East would dump their distressed or persecuted residents who dream of freedom, justice and prosperity in nations whose populations didn’t count on such “anthropological shock” . Because the creator explains, all this turned the important thing to the emergence of extremist events and the resurgence of nationalism and populism that overshadowed the tip of the twentieth century.

Nonetheless, speculators and billionaire financiers finally caught up with them “increased justice” within the type of coronavirus, which threatens them right this moment, like everybody else, the creator notes. After showing in China, the brand new virus compelled your entire West to be “on the sting of the precipice.” “The globalization of germs and all types of impurities – that is what many singers of universalism couldn’t think about “, the journalist notes.

On the identical time, though the world financial system is in critical hazard, the president of the world’s biggest energy is “the worst american” who will be offered as somebody who must calm the planet, warns Bombardier.

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