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Lawyer fails the searches – Grupo Milenio

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the lawyer of Jaime Heliodoro “N”, Victor Olea Pelaezassured that the searches carried out on Saturday at the ranches of his client, located in García and General Terán, began “by instructions from superiors and not in accordance with the legal cause.”

interviewed by Victor Martinez on New changesthe litigant said that they will review the issue since they warned of some “irregularities”.

“We are attentive to the terms of said searches, we will, of course, request access to their records, to the origin of the corresponding complaint, since in defense everything implies that they were initiated by superior instructions and not in accordance with legal cause,” he explained.

Regarding the complaint for the requisition of the Ecovía in 2016, the defense said that “we are reviewing it thoroughly and will be vigilant in exercising the defense.”

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