Lawyer Denies Kuansing Regent Has OTT, KPK: It’s OK to Deny


Legal counsel Regent of Kuansing Andi Putra, Dody, denied that the KPK carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) against his client. The KPK said that the rebuttal was the right of the suspect.

“In our opinion, it is okay for the suspect through his PH (legal advisor) to deny, say anything. That’s their right too, they don’t answer the same, they have rights, so we respect it. Because the KPK works according to the mechanisms and rules that there is,” said KPK Deputy Chair Lili Pintauli Siregar at a press conference at the KPK’s Merah Putih building, South Jakarta, Tuesday (19/10/2021).

KPK Director of Investigation Setyo Budiyanto added that the suspect does not have to provide information to the public that is in line with the investigator. He said there was no problem if the suspect gave information to the public according to his own version.

“The regent through his PH rejected the term OTT. First, it was explained that the suspect had the right not to provide appropriate information or to provide information according to his version,” said Setyo.

“And it will also not be forced by investigators, investigators force it to be like this, no, that’s the suspect’s right,” he added.

Lawyer Denies OTT

Andi Putra’s legal advisor, Dody, previously firmly said Andi Putra not in the condition of being caught in a sting operation.

“Then Regent not in a condition caught red-handed receiving gifts, nothing,” added the alumni of the Faculty of Law, University of Riau.

Dody said his client had intended to go to Pekanbaru from Taluk Kuantan accompanied by a driver and his aide, Tuesday (18/10). However, when he arrived in Pekanbaru at 21.00 WIB, Andi Putra was contacted by KPK investigators.

“Yesterday morning he went to the office, went home and at around 11.00 WIB he left his house to Pekanbaru. After that, the driver was contacted by KPK investigators to move closer to the Regional Police,” said Dodi.

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