Law firm Claims 4 Experiences From Brigadier J Stole Inspector Basic Ferdy Sambo


Brigadier Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J, Kamaruddin Simanjuntak, claimed his client’s account was stolen by the Inspector Standard Ferdi Sambo and good friends. He reported there were four accounts, cell telephoneto laptops.

“As I described previously, there have been 4 accounts of the deceased (Yoshua) that ended up checked or stolen by suspect Ferdy Sambo and his close friends. His mobile telephone, 4 lender ATMs, Asus-branded laptops and so on.” , Kamaruddin informed Police Felony Investigation Device Creating, Tuesday (8/16/2022).

Kamaruddin said there was a transaction right after Brigadier J’s dying on July 11, 2022 to be correct. Brigadier J is explained to have sent dollars to 1 of the suspects.


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“It has been confirmed before, it is genuine what I explained that July 11, 2022 was however a transaction, the dead were sending revenue. Can you envision the crime?” He claimed.

“It can be even now a lifeless person transaction, sending cash, you can imagine the crime. The dead man or woman, in this scenario the deceased, transacted dollars, despatched funds to the account of one particular of the suspects. tohWell, this is Indonesia, “he additional.

Moreover, he explained this is certainly a criminal offense involving banks. He mentioned there was Rp 200 million in hard cash that went to 1 of the suspects in this circumstance.

“This is no longer expected, people by now the man or woman dies, but the funds flows from his account, he imagines the banking crimes and which then will involve the banking sector. From the deceased’s account, Rp 200 million went to the suspect, “he stated.

4 Suspicions in the demise of Brigadier J

For details, 4 persons have been named suspects connected to the loss of life of Brigadier J Ferdi Sambo, the other a few suspects are Bharada Richard Eliezer (RE), Brigadier Ricky Rizal (RR) and Potent Ma’ruf (KM).

In this circumstance, Ferdy Sambo purchased Bharada E to shoot Brigadier J. In addition to the get, Inspector Typical Ferdy Sambo was suspected of turning the chronology of the murder case into a taking pictures.

Meanwhile Bripka RR and KM played a part in assisting and witnessing Bharada E’s taking pictures at the victim. They were being charged with premeditated murder, subsidiary of murder.

Ferdy Sambo was arrested at the headquarters of the cell brigade. On Thursday (11/8), he was interrogated for the very first time immediately after becoming named a suspect in the case of the death of Brigadier J. When the investigative report (BAP) was taken, Sambo admitted that he had planned the murder mainly because the brigadier J experienced accomplished matters that tarnished the dignity of the loved ones.

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