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Latvian Singer Mārtiņš Kanters (exRuskis) Collaborates with Estonian Producer to Create New Country Pop Song

Singer Mārtiņš Kanters (exRuskis) has started cooperation with a producer from Estonia, and not just started, but created a song – in a slightly unusual country pop style.

The song “Kā amaldījies suns” was written spontaneously, when the photographer Eddie Andersons brought a piece of paper with a written poem one morning, but Mārtiņš Kanter had a guitar with him. This song did not go far – it ended up on the shelf, where it patiently spent four years, until at some point Eddy reminded about the collaboration of the two.

Mārtiņš has been thinking about new opportunities for cooperation for a long time, and Agnese Cimuška-Rekke, the head of the society “Latvijas Mūzikas įdīšų biedrība/ Latvijas Mūzikas eksports” came to the rescue with a suggestion, mentioning the Estonian producer Allan Kasuk, who is well known in the neighboring country and, among other things, this year, he entered the top three in his country’s Eurovision selection with his song. “I went to Tartu to visit Allan and thought – what will be, will be, but we concluded that our ideas about understanding music match and there is a good synergy between us,” recalls Mārtiņš.

The song also has a music video created by lyricist Eddie Anderson. The home of Kanter’s friend from the days of the show “OKartes skatuve”, Mārtiņas Jātnieks’ country house, has become the home of the party house, which the owner also decorated himself, becoming its scenographer.

Currently, one of Mārtiņš Kanter’s goals is to record a new album with his own songs by the summer, but it probably won’t happen that soon, because active work is already underway on the construction of the musical bridge of the Baltic States – Allan Kasuk, together with a Lithuanian producer, wrote a song for which the singer wrote the words and it was also sung. And this cooperation will certainly bring other surprises in the future.

2024-02-23 19:15:30

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