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How Czech Republic Pensioners Can Secure a Comfortable Retirement – The Truth Behind Pension Eligibility

The average pension in the Czech Republic reached 21 thousand crowns, which is money that people did not even dream of for a long time. After all, until relatively recently it was essentially an average net salary. It is necessary to realize that pensioners receive their money in net terms, so it would be significantly more in gross terms.

So how is it going?

This money ensures a very comfortable pension today, and it is no coincidence that pensioners in the Czech Republic were ranked at the top of the global rankings. They are significantly better off than in neighboring countries. On the other hand, it is also true that you have to work hard in your country to get a pension.

Or not? Rumors are spreading among people that individuals who did not work all their lives and only hung around and went to the Labor Office for benefits are entitled to an average pension at retirement age. What other one to assign them too, right?

However, it is far from as simple as people believe. It’s not true more than it is. In reality, it is practically impossible to achieve something like this.

It is true that in the Czech Republic we have tens of thousands of people who simply do not want to work, even if they could. Many of them automatically assume that when the time comes, they will be granted a pension and live comfortably off it.

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Reality is different from imagination

However, they are often surprised because they will not actually receive a pension. Contrary to what many people think, this contribution is not a claim, but is the result of lifelong pension insurance payments. And if someone didn’t do it, they are simply not entitled to a pension as such.

The period of unemployment during which a person is or was kept in the records of the ÚP CR as a job seeker is the so-called replacement period of insurance,” however, the Czech Social Security Administration states on its website. From this, one could conclude that if someone does not work, but is at the Labor Office, the state pays for the insurance.

This is true, but it is only valid for a very short time. For persons up to 55 years of age, it is only one year, and above this age it is then a maximum of three years, since there is already a more problematic possibility of employment.

Finally no pension

You can easily calculate that you will not reach the required pension insurance period of 35 years this way. Definitely not unless you’ve worked your whole life. It will only help you if you have worked for, say, 32 years and you lose your job in the old days. Then the state will step in for those three years and you will then be granted a standard pension. But if this sum is not enough, you are simply out of luck.

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Another option is the possibility of working until the age of 70, after which only 15 years of service is sufficient. However, the long-term unemployed often do not manage to do that either, and thus end up definitively without a pension. And they won’t do anything about it.

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