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“Latvian Jazz Musicians Make Waves at Jazzahead 2023”

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In this situation, Latvian jazz musicians won, who, along with other productions, brought self-published CDs to the Latvian delegation – they were also placed on a stand and handed over to the caring hands of critics and media of major countries with the hope of waiting for the result later. The first result and CD review of Māras Briežkalns quintet “Latgalian Evergreens” together with a review from the stands of the Baltic countries have already been released May 9 on “Baltische Stunde”.. Other journalists from jazz radio stations and other media have also focused their attention on Latvian jazz, which was told in detail by the representatives of the Latvian delegation – we believe that the news will follow.

Santa Schiller, Aleksandra Line and Eriks Miezis, who in the international jazz music market
Santa Schiller, Aleksandra Line and Eriks Miezis, who at the international jazz music market “Jazzahead!” represented the Latvian Music Information Center Photo: Publicity photo

In addition to cards with a new design that took the listener to the “Jazz in Latvia 2023” playlist, this year a contact booklet was also prepared with information about active jazz musicians and groups, festivals and concerts, organizations and foundations, media and producers who work in this music field. in the genre. Many jazz specialists had previously been interested in Latvian musicians and therefore requested a meeting in advance – the manager of the Paris jazz concert hall, the head of the Jerusalem jazz festival, the New York jazz music producer, the Italian jazz researcher Francesco Martinelli and many others were interested in learning about the news in our country.

As jazz singer Katya Sharigina, who has spent the last ten years working in the jazz industry in the UK and China, pointed out: “I went to ‘Jazzahead!’ first time and I can say it was a wonderful experience! Mainly thanks to a great team consisting of Aleksandras Lines, Santa Šillera and Ārik Miež, who truly believe in Latvian jazz and had worked hard and with full dedication to serve the interests of Latvian artists, organizations and festivals. This is an important work and I am sure that it will soon bear many fruits!”

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