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Latest House 2 Rumors and News: December 27, 2023

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today December 27, 2023:

  • Anna Samonina learns how to do eyelash extensions in her spare time. Maxim Evstropov supports his wife and is absolutely delighted that the girl is engaged in self-development. Maxim suggested that Anna study to become a psychologist; will there always be clients among her acquaintances?
  • Alexandra Cherno had a bad day, despite the fact that she made peace with Diman Hooligan and received a kiss from him in the form of an apology for yet another rudeness. Sasha is actively supported by Dima’s mother, who believes that her son should be more attentive to Cherno.
  • Yulia Kolisnichenko got a new tattoo and continues to get out of the lawsuits in which she was sucked into a quagmire because of her desire to sort out her relationships with her ex-men.
  • Nelly Ermolaeva called on the participants of House 2 to stop persecuting Inna Grishutina. Who is the instigator of the attacks on Inna? Isn’t it time to punish him for creating a conspiracy?
  • Elina Rakhimova and Alexey Bezus made a bet. Elina believes that Igor Grigoriev and Kristina Bukhynbalte will start dating before March 1, and Lyosha thinks that his friends will declare themselves a couple later. And when will Rakhimova build a relationship in House 2?
  • Evgeny Romashov does not advertise the work of his wife Anastasia on his social networks, but he constantly talks about Kristina Bukhynbalte, to whom he offered to write a song. Will Chris agree to collaborate with his ex-boyfriend and help him promote his blog on social networks?
  • Elizaveta Polygalova changed her mind about leaving Bali and got a dog. Lisa visited a Balinese orphanage and continues to be creative, feeling inspired after interacting with children. Do former members of House 2 get into the habit of leaving their pets on the island when they fly away?
  • Latest news from House 2 from schlock.ru for today 12/27/2023 – Ex-participant of House 2 Alexandra Bakhlaeva warmly remembers Ivan Barzikov, against whom she wrote a statement to the police. Does Bakhlaeva want to go to Thailand to see Ivan or is her conscience tormented?
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