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Latest Health Crises of Celebrities: Updates and Recovery

Written by Adel Abdullah Sunday, November 12, 2023 04:00 PM

A number of stars have been exposed to health crises in the recent period, which led to them being transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment, and some of them underwent surgical operations. “The Seventh Day” reviews the latest developments in the health condition of the artists who have recently been exposed to health crises.

Sherif Helmy

The artist Sherif Helmy revealed the developments in his health condition in the recent period, saying in statements to “The Seventh Day”: Praise be to God, I was discharged from the hospital two days ago and my condition is stable, and I extend my thanks to the artist Sharaf Zaki.

The artist Sherif Helmy recently underwent surgery in one of the major hospitals, as confirmed by his daughter Heidi Sherif, as Sherif Helmy suffers from a health crisis in the brain, and those close to him did not explain the condition greatly.

Jasmine Rais

Actress Yasmine Rais was exposed to a health problem and was taken to the hospital last Thursday. She posted a picture of herself from the hospital on her Instagram story without revealing the details of the crisis she was exposed to, but she was discharged from the hospital after receiving appropriate treatment and is currently recovering at her home.

Tamer Dhiai

Artist Tamer Dhiaei revealed that he had suffered an eye injury and asked his followers to pray for him after he revealed his severe eye injury. Dhiaei posted on his official page on the social networking site Instagram a picture of an eye, commenting: The eye has afflicted me with your prayers.

Ahmed Al-Badry

Director Ahmed Al-Badry suffered from a high blood sugar level, as a result of which he was taken to the hospital to be treated for the side effects he experienced as a result of high blood sugar. He was then discharged and returned to his home after the doctors reassured him of his condition, so that he could continue his treatment at home.

Hisham Ismail

The artist Hisham Ismail revealed to “The Seventh Day” the latest developments in his health condition after suffering a torn cartilage in the knee, confirming that his condition has improved significantly and that he is currently undergoing physical therapy sessions, but it does not affect his artistic works, as he participates in filming his roles in the works related to it.

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