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Last year, the number of packages delivered by parcels increased by 20%

PUK notes that almost half or 49% of all postal parcels were domestic shipments, while the rest were cross-border shipments, of which 32% were from foreign countries and 19% were sent outside of Latvia.

The popularity of parcels is growing

Analyzing the data according to the type of shipment delivery, it can be observed that last year the number of parcels shipped for delivery increased by 20% or less than 2.247 million.

Most of them, or 65%, were domestic shipments and 35% were shipments coming from abroad.

Accordingly, the other parcels were delivered to the address specified by the user or for collection at the place of postal service provision (post office or other places where parcels are delivered).

The information collected by PUK shows that last year, five post companies – SIA “Omniva”, SIA “DPD Latvija”, SIA “Venipak Latvija”, SIA “Itella Logistics” and VAS “Latvijas Pasts” – provided a total of 1293 parcels, which is about 18% more than in 2022.

In 2023, the largest number of parcels delivered by parcels was provided by SIA “Omniva”, making up 61% of the total number of parcels delivered, followed by SIA “DPD Latvija” – 17%, SIA “Itella Logistics” – 10%, VAS “Latvijas Pasts” – 10 % and SIA “Venipak Latvija” – 2%.

The total number of postal merchants is the lowest in the last five years

Last year, postal services were provided in the postal market by 60 postal merchants, whose activities are monitored by PUK.

Over the past three years, the number of postal service providers has decreased by 16%.

Ivars Tauniņš, Director of the Electronic Communications and Post Department of the PUK, notes that last year, the number of post merchants in Latvia was the lowest in the last five years. However, he adds: “Although there are merchants who closed last year, new participants have also joined the market.”

In 2023, merchants’ revenues from postal items amounted to 173.7 million euros. Most of the revenue – 126.6 million euros – was obtained from the provision of parcel shipments, making up 73% of the total revenue of shipments, informs the regulator.

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