Last year, Rimi created about 500 new jobs, almost half of which were in the e-commerce sector

Last year, the retailer “Rimi Latvia” created about 500 new jobs, the company’s senior public relations specialist Elīna Šakirova informed.

She explained that the Covid-19 pandemic affected several industries after experiencing a slowdown or downtime, while in others, on the contrary, work became much more. Food retailers have also worked particularly hard during the pandemic to provide the people with what they need and to adapt to the new safety requirements. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, Rimi Latvia opened a total of seven new stores last year, and introduced e-commerce solutions in five stores, creating around 500 new jobs.

In 2020, Rimi Latvia opened new hypermarket stores in the shopping centers Saga and Aleja, one supermarket store in Liepaja and two Mini Rimi stores in Riga and Saulkrasti, which employ a total of about 270 people. An important direction that has experienced rapid growth over the past year is also e-commerce: with the expansion of order picking points and the supply network, about 230 new jobs were created in the e-commerce sector last year.

Gundega Kirilka, Personnel Manager of Rimi Latvia

Rimi currently has a very small number of vacancies – around 40 in the office, in all stores and in e-commerce. (..) Rimi values ​​various employees – both young people who are still looking for the right path and older people who experience is indispensable. Everyone can find a suitable occupation here, regardless of previous experience, skills, interests, age and physical abilities. In addition, we fill part of the vacancies from internal resources. For example, more than 90% of employees who currently hold senior positions in stores have previously successfully established themselves in other positions within Rimi. ”

The time the new employees spend on face-to-face and e-learning is around 50,000 hours. In turn, career growth in the company has been realized by 340 employees in all age groups.

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“We plan to expand the number of jobs this year as well. The biggest growth is expected in the e-commerce sector – this year, too, Rimi plans to expand the e-store’s assortment, capacity and delivery route network in order to become available to an even wider circle of Latvian residents. At present, almost 100,000 users have registered in the Rimi e-store, and the amount of daily purchases has increased tenfold. Therefore, if the restrictions on Covid-19 do not significantly affect our plans, another 100 new jobs could be created, ”explains Gundega Kirilka.

According to the data of, in 2019 Rimi Latvia had a turnover of 917.2011 million euros, which is 2.6% more than a year earlier, but the company’s profit decreased by 26.8% and was 33.16 million euro. The company was registered in January 1992 and has a share capital of five million euros. The sole owner of the company is the Swedish company Rimi Baltic.


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