Low probability of rain, the forecast for this Wednesday in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

penalized. this will not affecttheir academic records. theregulations require that the testsmust be in person, thisregardless of whether they haveopted for education todistance.it’s time to move on withstephanie diaz to have thehundreds will follow themtemperatures for the nexthours and for the weekend.enjoying this timebeautiful, dry conditions, noit is until the weekend thatRain arrives. right now inthe conditions are in themids high 60 °, we get closerto our neighborhoods, in thebronx we can see that thetemperatures are between three77 ° and 78 °, we see the same inBrooklyn, we are between 68 ° and69 °, temperatures well byabove normal. usuallywe should be close to the57 ° to 58 °. we are between 10 ° and12 ° above normal,this due to an area of ​​highremote cloudiness throughout thenortheast area. tomorrowfleeting, it will change a bit.we see temperatures at 50 °, thesky is still clear, tomorrowthe ía is perfect forcity. there see the conditionsfor Wednesday afternoon,68 °, abundant today, which wingspassing clouds how can wesee in the bronx, and in a parkqueens.we take a look at theprobability of precipitation,we see that it is low, fromSaturday is that it increases, we haveplanned, especially theSunday, I know thatunfortunately for now theweekend looks wet.we see that the temperatures arethey will be close to 70 ° until

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