Laima Vaikule said Russia owes her a coffin of life

The singer responded sharply to criticism. Vaikule considers the opinion that she owes everything to the Russian public to be unreasonable.

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Many fans accuse 68-year-old Latvian singer Laima Vaikule of turning away from Russia. People don’t understand how the singer of the hit “Vernissage” can treat so badly the country where she made her brilliant career. Today Laima Stanislavovna finally decided to respond to criticism. In her opinion, it is the USSR and Russia that owe her “to the grave of life”, and not vice versa.

“I received comments on Instagram*: Russia created you, you earned money. I supported the Philharmonic Society, I supported the Soviet Union by releasing my CDs. I’m not talking about Alla. I get 17 rubles, collecting a stadium of 45 thousand. If someone has nothing to do, he counts how much money I brought to the state, ”Vaikule argues indignantly.

According to seriously ill artist, for the disc released by Melodiya, sold in the USSR with a circulation of 20 million copies and sold for 2-3 rubles, received … 137 rubles. Such a small commission outraged Vaikule so much that she did not even go to receive money.

“Now does it matter who supported whom and who paid whom? I worked and supported the entire Soviet Union. And Alla kept all this Russia, which now presents her with something. We made so much money for the USSR that it’s a shame to say, ”Laima Stanislavovna concluded.

Netizens supported the singer. However, there were those who disagreed with his arguments. “Strange reasoning. Where did you get the money? The Russians paid you a ruble for tickets. And if they didn’t listen, who would need their Alla”, “But she came to Russia, and not to her homeland”, “So here’s who kept us” That’s why the USSR collapsed! And laughter and sin. Hai made so much money on us, on ordinary people,” the commentators say.

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