Uruguay player faces two-year suspension for ‘crossing the line’

[골닷컴] Reporter Kim Dong-ho = A Uruguayan defender who behaved indecently after the game against Ghana can be suspended for up to 15 games. Considering they usually play 6-7 Serie A games for a year, that’s a heavy punishment up to 2 years.

The English “Daily Mail” reported: “Jose Jimenez, active in Uruguay and Atletico Madrid, risks being suspended for 15 games”.

Uruguay won 2-0 in the final match against Ghana in the “2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Final Group H” held at the “Al Janoub Stadium” in Al Wakrah, Qatar on the morning of the 3rd in Korea. However, he failed to advance to the round of 16 due to Bentoho’s push for more points.

After the match, the Uruguayan players reacted violently by running to the referee and protesting the decision. During the 45th minute of the second half, when Uruguay led 2-0, he stumbled and fell several times in the penalty area to award a penalty. Once, the referee even checked the VAR monitor to see if there was a penalty kick, but it was ultimately not awarded.

Cavani received a yellow card for protesting to the referee after the match, and reacted violently by pushing the VAR monitor with his hand. It was the same with Jimenez. Jimenez was caught cursing at the broadcast camera.

Jimenez then hit the match supervisor on the head. Other than a loud protest against the referee, the act of assaulting a match supervisor is a serious matter. In this regard, the ‘Daily Mail’ explained: “Simple disorder will be punished with a suspension of up to three matches, but the act of attacking an official is a different story.”

Furthermore, he added, “If FIFA formally refers this case to the disciplinary committee, Jimenez could be suspended for up to 15 matches.” It’s not yet clear whether the 15-game suspension is limited to Uruguayan national team matches or includes league matches for the team, but Jimenez’s behavior was enough to judge he’s crossed the line.

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