Labor shortage slows Quebec’s economic recovery

Manufacturing and construction are losing contracts for lack of workers. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

The labor shortage remains a brake on economic development in Quebec, according to the authors of a report released Tuesday by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

This report indicates that 67% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Quebec are facing such a shortage, to the point where 26% of them have had to refuse sales or contracts and 17% have canceled or postponed projects. business.

The manufacturing, construction and professional services sectors are those most affected by lost sales or contracts.

François Vincent, Vice-President Quebec at the CFIB, is convinced that these unrealized, canceled or postponed business opportunities are lost economic opportunities that could have benefited Quebec’s economic recovery.

The SME health monitoring table drawn up on March 9 showed that in the context of a pandemic, 70% of Quebec businesses were completely open, 48% operated with staff equal to or greater than normal and only 38% generated equal revenues. or above normal. François Vincent warns that when SMEs resume their normal pace, the issue of the labor shortage will increase.

The CFIB indicates that the leaders of SMEs would benefit from certain actions that the government could put forward: the reduction of taxes, the improvement of the tax credits, the support and the accompaniment in the search of candidates as well as immigration.


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