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La Méridionale Ferry Launches New Route to Corsica: Free Outward Journeys for First 100 Customers

The first La Méridionale ferry which will connect the continent to Corsica will set sail from Toulon on April 6 at 8 p.m., for a scheduled arrival at L’Île Rousse the next day at 8 a.m. This is what the company announced this Friday, thus formalizing the opening of its ticketing for this route. In order to attract customers, the CMA-CGM subsidiary also specifies that the outward journey will be free “to the first hundred customers”.

This rotation will be carried out three times a week by the Darlingsa ship with a capacity of 670 passengers and equipped to be able to connect electrically at the dock. “In high season, service to Île Rousse will be reinforced by a fourth rotation to Toulon, to which rotations to Italy will be added”further confirms La Méridionale in its press release.

Stopovers up, passengers down

This new line was born against a backdrop of controversy linked to the increase in maritime traffic in Toulon. Mourillon neighborhood committee, environmental defense associations, etc.: several voices were heardin recent weeks, to oppose the arrival of the Méridionale, denouncing the atmospheric pollution generated by smoke from ships.

The Metropolis and the City claim to have obtained from the competing company Corsica Ferries some guaranteesas “the principle that the opening of a new port of call will be done in substitution for a other” or that “the cumulative number of passengers transported by the 2 companies will remain below the thresholdl fixed” (1.5 million people per year, editor’s note).

For its part, the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry has just revealed its 2023 results concerning activities in “the harbor ports of Toulon” which it manages. On the trade side, the CCIV shows an increase in the number of ship calls of 1.6% but, at the same time, a decline of 13% in the number of passengers on ferries alone.

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