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The story of the great events, the protagonists, the social phenomena that have marked our collective history, from the twentieth century to today. “La Grande Storia” is back on air from Thursday 11 August at 21.20 on Rai3. For five episodes, Paolo Mieli will discover the events that have marked world history.
In the first appointment the last year of the Third Reich is deepened: the last eleven months of interminable and decisive combat, which after the landing in Normandy will still be necessary for the Allies to defeat Hitler and win the Second World War in Europe.
In June 1944 the Anglo-American troops landed on “Fortress Europe” and in a short time liberated Paris, while the Red Army advances in an overwhelming way along the two thousand four hundred kilometers of the eastern front.
Nazi Germany is in the grip, many think the war will be over by December. Instead Hitler, from his bunker, orders to resist at all costs, up to the last man. Long months of terrible battles and heinous war crimes, fears and hopes were therefore required, until the decisive conquest of Berlin in May 1945.

“La Grande Storia” is a program of the Rai Culture and Educational Directorate.

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