Kylie Minogue: The Likable Pop Icon Making a Comeback with “Tension”

Kylie Minogue: The Likable Pop Icon Making a Comeback with “Tension”

Not only is Kylie one of pop’s longest-lived, who has endured many creative and personal trials in her life, she is also one of the most likable celebrities in the cutthroat world of show business. Kylie’s sincerity is no joke. “Otherwise, I would be a really good actress if I managed to portray it for that long,” jokes the artist herself. She has a talent for disarming people with a smile and a beam, and with her songs that have become pop classics.

The singer’s career is currently in another period of renaissance – it is related to songs Padam Padam unexpected global success, thanks in large part to its spread on the social network TikTok. Kylie has been discovered by a new generation of listeners who use tiktok, and the song has also become a pride anthem around the world. The composition has nothing to do with Edith Piaf’s chanson Padam, padam…. The title of Kylie’s hit includes an onomatopoeia representing a heartbeat, and the song is the album’s Tension locomotive.

“In the album Tension combines personal reflections, a sense of oblivion caused by club music and a melancholic mood,” Kylie Minogue describes her latest work

Kylie’s previous albums are themed around: Golden (2018) is a tribute to country music, on the other hand Disco (2020) brings to mind the disco of the 70s. This time, the diva has decided to indulge in the spontaneity of the creative process and not limit herself stylistically. “In the album Tension combines personal reflections, the sense of oblivion evoked by club music, and a melancholic mood. The album includes songs that I have written with my co-authors and songs that really appealed to me and I recorded them,” says the singer. The project Tension she has implemented with her co-writers and producers Richard Biff Stannerd, Duck Blackwell and John Green. You can feel the 90s in the songs house and 80s pop influences.

The penultimate album of the singer Disco was created during the pandemic, and Kylie had to learn voice recording programs that would allow her to work remotely from home. She has honed this skill and a large part of her vocal parts for the album Tension recorded alone. This is the positive effect of the lockdown – now Kylie relatively rarely goes to the professional studio and travels everywhere with the necessary equipment and microphone for recording Telefunken, which gives the artist the opportunity to record her voice at any moment, whenever she has the inspiration and desire to do so. For example, a song Padam Padam she recorded in a London hotel room immediately after receiving the demo version. “For the past year and a half, my mobile studio has always been by my side,” reveals the star.

“When the album Disco during the recording we started working remotely, Kylie used the simplest software GarageBand version and we had to explain everything to her. Now she has mastered all the nuances of the recording process and produces high-quality vocals. She’s better than me at producing her vocal parts! After all, no one knows Kylie’s voice better than herself,” says producer Richard Biff Stannerd.

Not long ago, Kylie, who has spent three decades in London, has returned to live in her native Melbourne. Soon, the singer will travel across the ocean – on November 3, she will start a concert series in Las Vegas. Kylie will open the casino, entertainment and recreation complex with a dazzling show The Venetian the new night club Voltaire. Art deco the style hall has 1000 seats. Until May 4 next year, Kylie will give twenty concerts in Las Vegas. All tickets have been sold. “Honey, let’s ease the tension!” Kylie sings on the title track of her new album, and the pop icon’s loyal listeners are always responding, and their ranks are growing bigger every year.

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