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Kylie Jenner’s Surprising Natural Look at Paris Fashion Week: Gossip and Criticism From Netizens

During Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner, 26 years old, captured the attention of social networks with a surprising change in appearance.

The star of The Kardashians opted for a more natural look, including imperceptible makeup and a sheer cream dress, at designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s show. The international media Infobae highlights that, although Jenner’s choice was applauded for her softness and elegance, her face became the center of gossip and criticism. Some netizens claimed that the businesswoman is “aging too quickly,” and derogatory comments suggested that she looked 47 years old due to alleged cosmetic procedures.

Despite the criticism, Kylie Jenner She seemed unaffected and shared clips of her runway experience on her social media.

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This is not the first time faced negative comments about her look. In the past, the celebrity has demonstrated her confidence in the face of criticism related to her image.

It should be noted that, despite his solitary presence at the parade, there was a familiar face among the audience: Jordyn Woods, her ex best friend.

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The actor Timothée Chalamet has been a constant companion of Jenner in recent public events, on this occasion, she shone alone at the Gaultier show.

Despite the criticism, fashion experts have praised the style of the young billionaire in the city of love’, as it reflected the trend of other celebrities and models present at the event, all wearing minimalist but elegant outfits.

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