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Kylie Jenner’s Shocking New Look at Paris Fashion Week Sends Fans into a Frenzy

“Get the money back from your surgeon,” comment Kylie Jenner fans online. New photos of the 26-year-old leave her fans surprised.

This is what Kylie looked like in 2020. (archive image) – keystone

the essentials in brief

  • Kylie Jenner looks completely different in photos at Fashion Week.
  • Apparently the numerous procedures have aged the Kardashian beauty’s face.
  • Her fans are shocked on social networks.


26-year-old Kylie Jenner is already a billionaire. She became famous primarily because of her aesthetic procedures. Because this includes not only lip fillers, but also various injections and surgeries, as Kylie admitted last year. However, she recently expressed her regrets about these decisions on television.

At Paris Fashion Week she surprised her fans with a new look – and not in a good way! Her appearance caused a lot of excitement on social networks.

Excitement after the Jean Paul Gaultier show

After fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier’s (71) show, the internet was full of comments about Kylie. A post on X showed a close-up of the mother-of-two’s face – and it looked significantly different!

The post is titled: “Kylie Girl… get your money back from your surgeon now.”

Would you have a beauty procedure?


If I get wrinkles, yes.


If I get wrinkles, yes.

One of the users commented on the photo with the words: “She has to stop going under the knife. It ruins her face.” Another added: “I can’t believe she’s 26 years old.” Another user writes ironically: “A beautiful 45-year-old woman.”

Suspected facial tape

In other photos, Kylie’s face appears noticeably smooth. Fans suspect the use of facial tape. One user on Reddit said: “Your face is probably sagging after the fillers dissolve.”



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