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Kyle Beach appears after the scandal in the Chicago Blackhawks

Friday’s interview with TSN’s Rick Westhead revealed new information and accusations.

Can Joel Quenneville continue as coach of the Florida Panthers?

According to Beach, Quenneville, who was then the Blackhawks’ coach, was fully aware of what had happened and attended meetings when the decision was made to silence the incident.

Quenneville will meet NHL boss Gary Bettman in New York on Thursday.

– That Quenneville was in the booth tonight when the Panthers met Boston is incredible. He should not have done so after today’s revelations. Maybe he should not do it at all in the future, commented former NHL goalkeeper Kevin Weekes during a discussion in the TV studio at NHL Network.

Beach also expressed his great disappointment at how the head of the players’ union, Don Fehr, handled the report that was made with demands for an investigation.

– Fehr talked about it being an investigation, but it never happened. Shouldn’t he represent the players? Kyle Beach wondered.

Kyle Beach is “John Doe”

Beach also sharply criticized Gary Bettman and the NHL management, who for several years, despite allegations, did not start an investigation after his report.

Kyle Beach was most upset during the television interview when the question of the Chicago Blackhawks’ handling of the case in 2010 came up.

– They let the chance to win the Stanley Cup go ahead and did nothing for three weeks to protect one of their employees. Instead, they allowed Brad Aldrich to participate in the victory parade in Chicago when they had won the Stanley Cup and he then also got to have the trophy for a whole day like everyone else. In addition, he got his name on the dent. It makes me nauseous when I think about it, Beach said.

Beach said during the TV interview that he repressed the event over the years to be able to continue playing hockey and live.

– When I look back, I now understand what impact this event has had on my life. I did a lot of stupid things to survive. I abused alcohol and drugs. Now I’m glad that everything is out, so that I can begin the process of becoming a whole person again.

“Nobody took my report seriously”

He has in recent years played in various European hockey leagues and says he has been robbed of his hockey career.

– Now I want to help others because this is not an individual event. Just look at what happened to the female American gymnasts for many years and the players of the American national football team.

– No one took my application seriously and neither did my own union or the NHL believe me. They thought I was not telling the truth. It was easiest because then the problem could be swept under the rug.

– I’m grateful that the Blackhawks ordered this investigation this summer and had an outside law firm carry it out, so that we can finally hear the truth.

Chicago Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman and the club’s vice president, Al MacIsaac, were forced to leave their jobs on Wednesday.

The general cleaning has started and more heads will roll. Not just at the Blackhawks.

The current general manager of the Winnipeg Jets, Kevin Cheveldayoff, has also been summoned to a meeting with Gary Bettman. It will take place on Monday. Cheveldayoff was Stan Bowman’s assistant general manager in Chicago in 2010.

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