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7 Signs of diabetes getting worse, easily tired and often thirsty

There are 7 signs of diabetes getting worse what you should pay attention to, start from easy tired and often haus.

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Diabetes is a very deadly disease because it can cause strokes to heart attacks that can cause death.

7 signs of diabetes getting worse this is experienced by many people.

Dr Deena Adimoolam, a Yale-trained endocrinologist, who specializes in diabetes says it’s important to know your diabetes risk and get screened early.

“A simple blood test can tell you your risk,” Dr. Deena Adimoolam was quoted as saying Republika.co.id.

If you experience some of the symptoms, you can contact a medical professional immediately. Some physical activity can also help people with diabetes.

7 signs of diabetes getting worse

1. Excessive thirst and frequent urination

People with diabetes are very likely to have polydipsia. Feel haus increased or polyuria, also frequent excessive urination. It’s very common, and it’s all because of the kidneys.

The kidneys are organs that filter and absorb glucose. When suffering from diabetes, a person has excess glucose.

“High glucose levels act like a diuretic that causes excessive urination. This excessive urination can then cause taste haus extreme and dehydrated if you can’t meet your fluid intake,” said Dr Adimoolam.

2. Always feel hungry

It’s normal to feel hungry after a long workout or skip breakfast. It turned out that the food did not relieve the pain. The medical term for feeling hungry due to diabetes is called polyphagia. “Diabetes is determined by a problem with a hormone called insulin,” says Dr. Adimoolam.

Insulin is important to allow glucose to enter cells where it can be used for energy. In type 1 diabetes, there is a lack of insulin production. In type 2 diabetes the body is resistant to the effects of insulin (insulin resistance).

Since this glucose cannot enter the cells to be used as energy, the body feels it needs more food for energy. But eating more won’t help, instead taking more medication can get glucose back into the cells where it’s used for energy.

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3. Blurred vision

The lens of the eye swells when blood sugar levels are high and water is drawn into the lens. You may also have damage to the blood vessels in the retina; so it can become weak and thin, and leak a fatty protein called exudate. This makes vision difficult.

4. Feeling very tired

When blood glucose is not controlled, a person may experience hyperglycemia which can cause nausea, fruity breath, shortness of breath and dry mouth. Due to high blood sugar, people will feel lack of energy. “Patients with diabetes are unable to utilize the high levels of glucose in the body for energy. “This is why diabetics feel tired, “said Dr. Adimoolam.

5. Wound condition

Sores are nothing to most people, but for people with diabetes, they can cause serious problems, leading to infections. Diabetics can get leg ulcers, for example, but do not heal. Why? There is a direct relationship between blood glucose and healing. “

6. Tingling in the hands or feet

You may experience numbness or tingling in your hands or feet due to diabetes. This is due to diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage that can affect as many as 50 percent of people with diabetes, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic. You may also experience pain or cramping.

7. Dark skin patches

Patches of dark skin, called Acanthosis nigricans, can be a sign of diabetes or, much less often, certain cancers. You will usually notice velvety folds in the skin, especially on the back of the neck and underarms.

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This is due to insulin resistance, which is very common among diabetics. “Too much insulin stimulates an increase in the abnormal growth of these skin cells,” says Dr. Adimoolam.

That is 7 signs of diabetes getting worse what you should pay attention to, start from easy tired and often haus.

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