Kubica moved by Verstappen’s successes: “Now …”

The average Formula 1 fan does not know Robert Kubica as an extraordinarily emotional man, but if you look carefully, you can discover a sensitive nerve in the former F1 driver of (BMW) Sauber, Renault and Williams. All you have to do is mention Max Verstappen’s name and take him back in mind to his first Grand Prix victory at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

“I was also surprised that I got emotional, but the way he won his first race for Red Bull, with Kimi Raikkonen behind him …” Robert Kubica gets a lump in his throat again in conversation with Formula 1 Magazine. “If I talk about it now, I just have it again.”

Kubica continues to explain why that one performance on May 15, 2016 was so amazingly good: “When you consider everything, the pressure on his shoulders, his young age, but especially the way he drove, that was incredible. He had grown up so quickly in a short time, while of course there was never any doubt about his speed.

In those same years, however, Verstappen could also count on criticism. His driving style, especially his defensive work, is said to be too aggressive. However, Kubica makes short work of the so-called experts’ thesis: “You have two ways to pursue success. If you have a package to win, you choose the one, you don’t have it, you take it. more risks and you go for it even more. Verstappen did that and that was simply wonderful! “

What are the consequences of Albon’s drama for his Red Bull future? F1 journalist Ruud Dimmers, racing driver Tom Coronel and host Thomas van Groningen discuss this and more in RacingNews365’s new F1 podcast.


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