Krung Thai urges to verify the eligibility of “We Win” the State Welfare Card Double payment

Krung Thai urges to investigate the usage of the “We Won” project from the government welfare card group that is not eligible. After finding duplicates of approximately 25,000 people

On February 6, 2021, the reporter reported. After Krungthai Bank Announcing the temporary closure of the program eligibility system, we won by the State Welfare Card Holders (Poor People Card) for about 5 hours on February 5, after the inauguration of the State Welfare Cardholder to exercise program eligibility. On the first day, it was found that the use of the rights system had failed on the part of the application system, money bag and EDC system.

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The anomaly of the duplicate transaction amounted to approximately 25,000 people, less than 0.7% of total spending. The spending amount exceeded the total credit limit of approximately 17 million baht or almost 0.7% of the spending amount.

For items with duplicate rights The bank is investigating and sorting out any unusual transactions. In which money will be transferred to the merchant in respect of which the rights are properly exercised Meet the project conditions first

As for items that are expenses that are not eligible Some groups of state welfare card holders have duplicate spending. Until exceeding the credit limit that has been granted in the project, we win Which is equal to the use of the credit limit received in advance The bank will check And proceed to adjust the list to be correct And improve the use of rights to be in accordance with the conditions of the project To prevent further confusion that may arise with the public and the merchants. We apologize for any inconvenience this occasion.

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