Kremlin Plans to Replace Wagnerites with Kadyrovites in Offensive Operations in Ukraine

Disturbing news for Don-Don. If he can understand them, of course.

ISW writes that the Kremlin intends to replace the Wagnerites (after their withdrawal from Bakhmut) with the Kadyrovites in offensive operations in Ukraine.

Don-Don’s Tik-Tok troops, to put it mildly, are not at the level of Prigozhin’s prisoners and mercenaries, as has already been clearly seen in Ukraine. Shame! Since then, Kadyrov will burst with worry and dreams of rehabilitation. But the traitor of Ichkeria does not understand that the future of his people is at stake. Putin aims to kill two birds with one stone: get new cannon fodder and exterminate the Chechens who might be among the first to protest against him.

Source: Citadel. East

Bessarabian Front

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2023-06-01 20:12:00
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